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Game-Changing Permeable Paver Technology


Stormwater runoff pollution is one the most pervasive and stealth environmental issues we face today.

AquiPor is advancing breakthroughs in permeable material technology to fundamentally shift how stormwater is managed  in cities.


AquiPor’s patented material technology enables the production of unitized pavers and “AquiDrain” street side paver units which feature high strength, high permeability, and nanoscale porosity. This proprietary hardscape filter material is resistant to clogging making it the first paver material of its kind. These characteristics represent an innovative approach to permeable paving and allows for new applications in civil stormwater design.

AquiPor’s proprietary mix designs utilize readily available compounds and industry by-products, opening up advanced industrial applications for these materials. With a low BTU production process to boot, AquiPor is ushering in a new and inherently green manufacturing process for the industry. 

AquiPor Proof of Concept

On-Site Stormwater Management: According to the NRDC, cities are responsible for discharging nearly 10 Trillion gallons of polluted water into clean waterways each year. As cities spend tens of billions of dollars on solutions that are outdated, expensive, and unsustainable, AquiPor looks to deliver a low-maintenance tool that is high scalable for municipalities and large developers. The AquiDrain curb-side paver technology allows for street-side stormwater drainage, augmenting current street design. The time is now for on-site stormwater solutions that are high-performing AND cost effective.

Architectural Paver Manufacturing: As land becomes more and more valuable in urban and suburban development, the market is growing for architectural permeable pavers, AquiPor is advancing its paver technology to fill the unmet market need for high-end residential and commercial applications by delivering a permeable paver technology that requires no special maintenance, preserves usable space, and meets local stormwater requirements. 

Game-Changing Technology for the Built Environment

Urban infiltration corridors: AquiDrain permeable units have the ability to augment urban and suburban street design to solve municipal stormwater issues at scale.


HARDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS produced with AquiPor’s exhalative material technology are highly permeable, resistant to clogging, and are not susceptible to corrosion. Using a manufacturing process that requires a fraction of the time and energy typically needed to manufacture common clay bricks, AquiPor is bringing specialized products to otherwise commoditized industries.

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